Course curriculum

    1. Definition of Music

    2. History of Music

    3. Types of Music

    4. Types of Instruments

    5. The 12 Notes in Music

    6. How To Build a Scale

    7. Types of Chords

    8. Types of Scales

    9. The Circle of Fifths

    10. The Circle of Fourths

    11. The Number System in Scales

    1. Types of Guitars

    2. Parts of a Guitar

    3. How to Hold a Guitar When Playing

    4. Tuning a Guitar

    5. How To Maintain a Guitar

    1. Learn The Notes of The Open Strings

    2. Notes on The 6th String

    3. Notes on The 5th String

    4. Notes on The 4th String

    5. Notes on The 3rd String

    6. Notes on The 2nd String

    7. Notes on The 1St String

    8. Notes on The 5th Fret

    9. Notes on The 7th Fret

    10. Notes on The 10th Fret

    11. Notes on The 12th Fret

    1. The A Chord

    2. The D Chord

    3. The E Chord

    4. The C Chord

    5. The G Chord

    6. The F Chord

    1. The Sixth String "A" Chord

    2. The Sixth String "E" Chord

    3. The Sixth String "B" Chord

    4. The Sixth String "F#/Gb" Chord

    5. The Sixth String "C#/Db" Chord

    6. The Sixth String "G#/Ab" Chord

    7. The Sixth String "D#/Eb" Chord

    8. The Sixth String "A#/Bb" Chord

    9. The Sixth String "F" Chord

    10. The Sixth String "C" Chord

    11. The Sixth String "G" Chord

    12. The Sixth String "D" Chord

    13. The Fifth String "A" Chord

    14. The Fifth String "E" Chord

    15. The Fifth String "B" Chord

    16. The Fifth String "F#/Gb" Chord

    17. The Fifth String "C#/Db" Chord

    18. The Fifth String "G#/Ab" Chord

    19. The Fifth String "D#/Eb" Chord

    20. The Fifth String "A#/Bb" Chord

    21. The Fifth String "F" Chord

    22. The Fifth String "C" Chord

    23. The Fifth String "G" Chord

    24. The Fifth String "D" Chord

    1. The "A" Minor Chord

    2. The "E" Minor Chord

    3. The "D" Minor Chord

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