Negative Stereotypes To Avoid

labels and names imposed on us by others

  • I am not Good Enough

  • I am Not Worth It

  • Success is not for me

  • There is nothing out there for me

  • Dont be too happy

  • There is not enough to go around

  • I must put others first before my needs

  • I need permission to be myself

Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary

  • Faster information processing

    The more words you know, the faster and quicker you can input and process information.

  • Better Language Development.

    A rich vocabulary enables you to think deeply, read more and express yourself better.

  • Greater thinking and ideas

    The larger your vocabulary the easier it is for you to generate new ideas and lines of reasoning.

Definitions of Positive

Meanings and explanations

  • Constructive, Optimistic, Confident.

  • A desirable or constructive quality or attribute.

  • Consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features.

  • Characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty

  • Expressing or implying affirmation, agreement, or permission

Develop Your Self Esteem, Starting Today

Characteristics of a Positive Mindset

  • Being grateful for all
  • Giving compliments to strangers
  • Bouncing back from rejection, disappointment and adversity
  • Not reacting to negative situations
  • Changing a negative into a positive
  • Being straightforward and upfront
  • Believing in yourself and your abilities
  • Always Expecting the best
  • Enjoying every moment
  • Saying no without feeling guilty
  • Not lowering your standards to please others

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