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Are you looking to make sustainable, long-lasting changes in the way you think and verbalize your thoughts? If so, then it's time to start using positive vocabulary terms. By implementing these words into your daily life over the course of 90 days, you can begin to not only feel more powerful but also open up new doors of opportunities for yourself and those around you.

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After years of popular psychology books and digital tools like affirmations, there's no doubt that positive self-talk has a powerful effect on our mental wellbeing. But if you want to transform your life for the better in just 90 days, it might be time to look beyond emotional mantras and dive into how you use language on a daily basis. Communication is key in every human relationship—whether with clients, coworkers, friends or family—and strong communication starts with understanding the power of positive vocabulary.

The Power of Positivity

Whether you are a student striving for higher grades, an author wanting to connect with their readers better, or even an entrepreneur seeking out advice from psychologists, positive vocabulary will help each one of these goals become a reality.

Negative Stereotypes

limiting beliefs

  • I am not Good Enough

  • I am Not Worth It

  • Success is not for me

  • There is nothing out there for me

  • Dont be too happy

  • There is not enough to go around

  • I must put others first before my needs

  • I need permission to be myself

10 Powerful Meanings of Positive

The Good Life

  • Showing or characterized by approval, acceptance, good wishes, or agreement.

  • Having desirable or favorable qualities; marked by success or advantage.

  • Optimistic and confident about the future; hopeful and cheerful.

  • Bringing good fortune or luck; beneficial.

  • Filled with enthusiasm and energy; determined to succeed.

  • Exhibiting a kind attitude and respect for others’ feelings and beliefs.

  • Shaping thoughts, words, and actions in a beneficial way while avoiding negativity.

  • Viewing circumstances from a constructive perspective with an open mind towards solutions and outcomes.

  • Achieving desired results through creative processes rather than negative approaches or reactions.

  • Believing in the potential for growth, development, and success of oneself and others in any situation or challenge faced in life

Importance of Improving Your Vocabulary

  • Faster information processing

    The more words you know, the faster and quicker you can input and process information.

  • Better Language Development.

    A rich vocabulary enables you to think deeply, read more and express yourself better.

  • Greater thinking and ideas

    The larger your vocabulary the easier it is for you to generate new ideas and lines of reasoning.

Benefits of Positive Language

The power of Positive talk

  • Positive Language Inspires and Motivates Others

  • Improved Self-Perception.

  • Increase cognitive reasoning

  • Improved Mood and Wellbeing.

  • Improved Relationship Between Parent and Child

  • Positive Vocabulary gives you a sense of direction

  • Improved Workplace Environment.

Characteristics of a Positive Mindset

  • Being grateful for all
  • Giving compliments to strangers
  • Bouncing back from rejection, disappointment and adversity
  • Not reacting to negative situations
  • Changing a negative into a positive
  • Being straightforward and upfront
  • Believing in yourself and your abilities
  • Always Expecting the best
  • Enjoying every moment
  • Saying no without feeling guilty
  • Not lowering your standards to please others

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Joshua Jehudah

Joshua Jehudah is the Founder and CEO of Ariyel Academy. Joshua is a Mindset Coach and Entrepreneurs Hire him to help them Transform their lives through Positive thinking, Emotional intelligence and Taking Smart Efficient Actions. Joshua Runs a Book Club where he provides a platform for members and attendees to Speak Up, Improve their Reading and Writing Skills. Joshua also manages a number of Meetup groups that are focused on clear thinking and business.

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Helps me to develop myself and using more academic words and positive vocabulary.

Helps me to develop myself and using more academic words and positive vocabulary.

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    No you do not need any previous qualifications to take this course

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    You have 90 days which is about 3 months to finish the course

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    Yes you do get a digital certificate which is included in the price when you complete the course

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    If you are struggling with self esteem and you want to use words or language that help you to believe in yourself and motivate you to succeed.

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