Why Learn the Art of Music

Importance of Music

Music is a powerful and universal language that has the ability to bring people together, regardless of cultural background or personal beliefs. It’s an incredible creative outlet that can be used to express emotions, share stories, and evoke strong reactions from its listeners.

The Power of Music

Music also has a way of inspiring us to think creatively and push us out of our comfort zones in order to discover new perspectives on life. Not only is music an art form, but it’s also an incredibly important tool for self-expression, healing, and growth.

Benefits of Music

Cant stop the Music

  • Music is a powerful and universal language that brings people together

  • Music helps us work through difficult emotions or celebrate the joys in life with friends and family alike

  • Music inspires us to think creatively and push us out of our comfort zones

  • Music is an incredibly important tool for self-expression, healing, and growth

The Benefits of Learning Piano

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn the Piano

  • Creative Expression

    learning piano provides an opportunity for creative expression and can be a great outlet for those looking to explore their artistic side.

  • Improves concentration and coordination

    playing the piano is excellent exercise for both the body and mind, as it requires concentration and coordination.

  • Build Discipline

    learning piano helps build discipline, as practice and dedication are needed to master any instrument.

  • Develop Rhythm and Tempo

    playing the piano can help reinforce math and numeracy skills as it teaches rhythm and tempo

  • Appreciation of Music and Art

    By learning piano, one also develops an appreciation of music in general, which can come in handy when attending concerts or recognizing classic works of art.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor

    2. How to use this course

    3. Sign Up To The Community for Support

    4. How To Contact Us

    5. Community Guidelines

    6. Download the App

    7. Before we begin...

    1. The Why

    2. The What

    3. The How

    4. Questions About Your Piano Experience

    5. Setting Goals and Expectations for Development

    6. What are your Goals for the Course

    7. Test your learning

    1. Overview of the Course and its Objectives

    2. Getting To Know The Piano

    3. The History of the Piano

    4. Basic Introduction to Piano

    5. Proper Posture and Hand Position

    6. Music Vocabulary for Beginners

    7. Piano and Keyboard all in one Dummies

    1. Introduction to Music Theory

    2. What is Harmony in Music

    3. What is Melody in Music

    4. What is Rhythm in Music

    5. Musical Notes and Intervals

    6. List of Key Signatures

    7. The Complete Guide to Music Signatures

    1. Music Notation and hand-eye Coordination Exercises

    2. Understanding the Staff, Notes and Rests

    3. Identifying Different Types of Musical Symbols

    4. Recognizing and Locating Notes on the Keyboard

    5. Associating Notes on the Staff with Their Corresponding Keys

    6. Introduction to Rhythm and Its Representation in Music Notation

    7. Explanation of Time Signatures and Their Significance

    8. Introduction to Finger exercises for Developing Strength and Dexterity

    9. Demonstrations and Practice Techniques for Finger Exercises

    10. Building an Understanding of Rhythm and Timing

    11. Exercises to Improve Hand Independence and Coordination

    12. Developing the Ability to Play Different Rhythms and Melodies with Each Hand

    1. Introduction to Chords and Scales

    2. Major Chords

    3. Minor Chords

    4. Diminished Chords

    5. Augmented Chords

    6. Seventh Chords

    7. Ninth, Eleventh and Thirteenth Chords

    8. Triad Chords

    9. Chord Progressions

    10. Introduction to Music Scales and Modes

    11. Major Scales

    12. Minor Scales

About this course

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Bonus material

Additional bonuses for the Aspring Pianist

  • 2 Hour Coaching

    2 hour bonus coaching sessions for piano lessons offer an immeasurable value to aspiring pianists. Through the guidance of a trained expert, students will be able to grow their skills and abilities significantly. The added two hours of instruction can help provide greater understanding and confidence to tackle more difficult parts of the course

  • Digital Certificate

    Digital certificates add credibility to one's skills, they provide a form of recognition for the hard work and effort put into completing the course. it can easily be shared on social media or other websites, showing off your accomplishments. Digital certificates also often provide access to resources and discounts that can give learners an extra boost in learning the material they are studying

  • Ebooks

    An ebook is a great tool for keeping organized and on top of your learning. With an ebook, learners can access the material anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, ebooks give learners enhanced interactivity with the material they are studying as they can highlight and add notes directly onto the text. All in all, an ebook provides a convenient way to keep track of learning materials while providing additional useful features.

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    Online and face to face depending on which is the most convenient for both the tutor and the clients

  • Do I get a certificate?

    a Digital Certificate is included in the price for you to download, share or keep us proof of your completion

  • What are the requirements to take this course?

    The lessons are aimed at beginners so you do not need prior knowledge.

  • What if I am not a beginner?

    We can help you focus on improving your skills in a particular area and offer Mindset coaching

  • How long do I have access to the Course ?

    You have up to 3 months or 90 days to complete the course. If there any issues please send us a message

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